I’ve had this post here set as a blank draft for quite some time now. I knew that I wanted to touch on entrepreneurship and relationships, but I didn’t know in what capacity. Basically, I was waiting to be inspired to write something on the topic that was profound, thought-provoking, and inspiring. Tonight, it finally hit me.

Have you guys heard of Elliott Hulse? If not, then you’re sleeping. I absolutely LOVE this man and all that he stands for. I came across one of his YouTube channels and was intrigued by his deep and philosophical mind and his take on the world. He speaks on becoming a stronger version of yourself. When he says “stronger”, he’s not just talking about physically, but mentally, spiritually, and emotionally as well. I’ve been watching him for a few months now and I’m just in awe.

The other day, he posted a video which was an audio interview of his wife, Colleen Hulse. I couldn’t help but shed a tear at how supportive she is of her husband. They have four young children and have been together since they were 14 years old. You can certainly tell that she is inspired by, and most importantly, love him for who he truly is. Elliott has posted some quite “interesting” videos where some may call him “nuts”, crazy, eccentric, but the man is just simply being the strongest version of himself and is constantly trying to be better than he was yesterday. And most importantly, he shares his tips and advice to the world. elliott kids

After watching his videos and listening to their life journey and his road to entrepreneurship, I found myself relating more to this man. His wife spoke on how he  is the type of person that never lets fear stop him from accomplishing his goal. For example, and she gave many throughout the interview, but the one that stuck out most to me was how he quit his job a month after signing for their mortgage to start his own business. His business is the one that we see today. REMARKABLE! What’s even more remarkable was that she wasn’t the nagging little wife, or the one that showed and casted doubt upon him, she supported him and his dreams, which paid off.

That leads me to my point in all of this. To become successful at entrepreneurship, you not only need a strong and supportive group of friends, but your mate needs to be even more strong and supportive of you. In many cases, your mate needs to be the “calm in the storm”, your cheerleader, your therapist, your friend, your shoulder….you get the point. Most importantly, your mate needs to be your partner because when you succeed, you both succeed.

There was a comment left by a viewer on Elliott’s page that read:

Very seldom do I hear from a spouse who pays attention to their spouse as an individual (recalling that person’s life experiences, following their personal development, celebrating their uniqueness, etc.). It seems like typical people are more focused on themselves and, at best, the relationship itself. They pay less attention to that person’s identity. That’s not the case here.

AMAZING and so very true. It is extremely rare to find someone who pays attention to you as an individual without being so caught up in themselves and how the relationship will benefit them. Sadly, we live in a very selfish society. It is amazing and refreshing that there are people out there in the world that support one another and show true admiration and love for their spouse.

If entrepreneurship is being pursued, please love and support one another. Celebrate their uniqueness. It’s what makes them who they are. It’s a tough road. But the love and support is exactly what’s needed to achieve the goal.


Do you have an unselfish, supportive and loving mate in your life that celebrates your uniqueness? Show them some love below!