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Nike did a wonderful job marketing their products with this slogan. Who would have thought that those 3 little words would mean so much in the marketplace. Nike used it to increase their sales; today, I’m going to use it to encourage and motivate the procrastinators.

I’ve always admired those who woke up with a dream and stopped at nothing to see their dream materialize. Whether it was to fit into a particular clothing size, graduate from school, start a band, open a business, etc; there are many who automatically make their dreams a part of their reality. Then, there are those who call themselves waiting for the perfect time to start their family, invest in their business, purchase their new home, travel and see the world, get out of a horrible relationship, take a relationship to the “next level”, etc. The list can go on and on. Sure, there are many reasons why a person may wait to make their dream a reality, but I must ask the question, “What’s the point?

Waiting for that perfect opportunity to bring your dreams to fruition may not come soon enough, or worse yet, it may not come at all. There are times where you must grab the bulls by the horn and take control of your life, or you risk wasting precious time waiting for an opportunity provided by someone else that you could have created yourself.

How many business books and blogs do you need to read before you start your business?
How many diet/exercise plans do you need to draft before you start losing weight?
How much money do you need before you purchase your first home?

The current state of the economy is proof that there is nothing guaranteed. So, why wait on someone else to grant you the permission to accomplish your goals? Use a plan to track your progress towards your goal rather than a means to give you permission to start working towards it.

Stop reading. Stop procrastinating. Stop idolizing. Stop planning. Just do it.