Provided Product Marketing & Education services for Dae Bogan, Co-Founder and Former CEO of TuneRegistry.

TuneRegistry is a music rights administration platform that saves music rights-holders time and money by streamlining the title registration and music metadata delivery process. After seeing Dae Bogan, CEO of TuneRegistry, post a call that he was building the team after re-acquiring the company, I replied and was later offered an opportunity to work with TuneRegistry as their Product Marketing and Education Specialist.

My experience and knowledge in the music industry allowed me to educate artists and record labels on music rights and performance rights organizations; communicate new features to their existing customer base via their in-app messaging platform; conduct live demos and webinars for prospective Enterprise clients and existing users; and manage FAQ, YouTube Tutorials, and Help Center articles.


  • Live Webinars
  • Education
  • Support

I highly recommend Patrice for the job!

Dae BoganFormer CEO & Co-Founder, TuneRegistry