To commemorate it’s 5-year anniversary in 2019, I chose to re-brand the identity of my company.

The Bassline Group is an entertainment company that focuses on the development and management of artists and entertainers. The concept for TBG stemmed from my interest in the music business that piqued at the age of 9 and led me to becoming a Music major at Wayne State University in Detroit, MI (later transferred to their Marketing program).

I’m highly driven by passion and wanted to continue advocating entrepreneurship within the creative community. As a result, I launched a brand extension of myself that catered to that industry, with an emphasis on authenticity and the importance of having a strong brand identity in music.

Rather than rely on my creative team, I decided to tackle this entire project myself.


  • Logo Design
  • Web Design w/ e-commerce Setup
  • Merch Design
  • Email Marketing Setup
  • Content Strategy
  • Content Design
  • Social Media & Ad Management
  • A&R / Executive Produced a Compilation EP