1:1 Session with Patrice

Strategically Build your Brand and Business. Schedule a Consultation to gain clarity, build a content strategy, grow your audience and increase revenue!

“I sat down with Patrice and just the amount of information I got in an hour blew my mind. It’s definitely worth reaching out and getting direction. If you don’t believe me, just watch how I level up.”


Ignit Ronriguez
Beat Box Studios


Working with me directly means that I get a chance to learn your specific needs and goals, and we work together to accomplish them. This also means that I’m going to challenge you, provide you with an unbiased opinion, and push you beyond your comfort zone so that you can excel. I don’t play games, so we’re going to work to WIN!

Here are some challenges I’ve helped my clients with:

  • Building a brand persona and identity that resonates with your intended audience
  • Developing a content strategy to keep your audience engaged
  • Creating a workflow for content creation to prevent personal burnout
  • Building a Team: Outsourcing and Hiring Freelancers
  • Establishing an online reputation and digital footprint
  • Influencer collaborations and Brand partnerships

I also helped my music/creative clients with:

  • Establishing a publishing company and label
  • Catalog management / Publishing administration
  • Social media management
  • Marketing strategy

“Patrice’s guidance, advice, and expertise was everything I needed to get started in the right direction. Her love for the business is genuine. From me to you Patrice thank you!”


Latabitha Bryant
Tell Tabby 1st

Who is a consultation for?

A consultation with me is not ideal for everyone, but can be very effective for those who are disciplined and can push through their limitations. Simply put, you will be required to get comfortable with being uncomfortable; otherwise, we’re wasting each other’s time.

My consultation and resources are designed for:

  • Content Creators
  • Digital Entrepreneurs
  • Visual Creatives
  • Small Business Owners
  • Recording Artists
  • Music Creatives

Consultation Breakdown

  • Up to 45 minutes – Zoom session
  • Review of your work, service, or product
  • Review of your online presence (website, social media accounts, etc)
  • Review of your social media data
  • Answer any specific questions relating to your business