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Old School Detroit Hustle

As the founder of The Bassline Group, Patrice K. Cokley has become a trusted voice in marketing and branding for musicians and other creatives. Patrice’s austere exterior covers up the passion that she feels for discovering new brands and developing them to their full potential, while optimizing their marketing efforts beyond all expectations. She is all about giving back and being of service to her clients, her students, and the entrepreneurs she collaborates with.

about2Growing up in Detroit, Patrice learned a lot about diversity and how to treat people with simple courtesy and respect. Her widowed mother raised her to value hard work and instilled her with essential tools that shaped her into the successful woman she has become. Put those habits together with her inherent Virgo zest, and it becomes the perfect combination for managing all of the needs of her clientele.

The Bassline Group started out as a vision when Patrice was only 12 years old. Since music was a consistent part of her household, it led Patrice to taking piano lessons at the age of 9. Even though she started out as a Music major in college, the analytical aspects of the music business appealed to her much more than the theory of music. Patrice switched her major and earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing from Wayne State University in Detroit and followed that up with a MBA in Marketing from Kaplan University.

After graduation and industry-specific studies, Patrice started a business helping small local companies with their marketing and social media. She discovered yet another skill while providing this service – her ability to network and leverage relationships into new and exciting opportunities. As Patrice continued to hone her craft, she relocated to Chicago to take advantage of more favorable circumstances for her business.

IMG_9752In Chicago, Patrice gained more prominence for her marketing work, which in-turn garnered her features in Black Enterprise Magazine, The Entrepreneur Within You, The Business 101 Magazine, and more. Patrice was a regular contributor to SteamFeed and Small Business Trends, and secured a speaking engagement at Social Media Week Chicago 2013.

In addition to working with her clients at The Bassline Group, she is a Brand Ambassador for her favorite footwear brand, Lugz; and currently teaches at SAE Institute: Chicago, giving young artists the benefit of her experience. She finds joy in assisting her students and clients in learning how to develop a strong authentic brand, staying true to themselves, and marketing it to their ideal audience.

Patrice’s diverse background and client base gives her a unique insight into the music business and entrepreneurship. Patrice continues to be an inspiration to the people she works with. Perhaps mentoring the next big leaders in the industry by using her particular brand of creative marketing, with a little bit of old school Detroit hustle thrown in for good measure.

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