Forward-thinking.  Customer-Centric.  Marketing Extraordinaire. Brand Strategist. Social Media Enthusiast. Project Manager. Passion for Innovation. A Woman of Integrity.

Patrice hustles hard to provide her clients top expertise and service. Her work is superb and she is an ACTUAL social media expert (not like those others that claim they are but aren’t). Jeff Zelaya, Senior Account Manager at Triblio
Patrice has a no-nonsense work style that I am sure any client seeking better social media engagement would benefit from. This is a small part of the enthusiasm and positivity that she brings. Pierre DeBois, Digital Marketer at Zimana
Patrice’s customer-centric approach makes her a sought-after thinker in areas of marketing, branding & engagement. If you can get Patrice involved in anything you’re working on, consider yourself blessed.Donnie Bryant, Direct Response Copywriter


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